Detailing Services

Complete Detail – Starting at $400+

The Complete Detail is a comprehensive package designed to renew & protect your vehicles exterior and interior surfaces. Exterior surfaces are thoroughly decontaminated and protected using the most premium products available. Interior surfaces are neatly cleaned for that new car feeling. This package is recommended as a bi-annual service and is ideal as a pre-sale detail.

  • High pressure rinse, foam bath & 2 bucket method wash
  • Wheels / tires / fender wells cleaned
  • Environmental fallout removed from paint (iron particulate, industrial contamination, tree sap, etc.)
  • Clay bar treatment to remove bonded surface contaminants from paint
  • Body seems / grilles / badges cleaned
  • Paint protected with Feynlab Ceramic Sealant for up to 6 months protection
  • Exterior glass & wheels protected with quality Synthetic Sealant
  • Tires protected with long lasting non-sling water based dressing
  • Carpets & fabrics thoroughly vacuumed
  • Dash, vents, door panels, cup holders, steering wheel, plastics, buttons, levers & consoles cleaned
  • Glass cleaned to streak free finish
    Upgrade to stronger, glossier Feynlab Ceramic Lite 1 Year ceramic paint coating for $150

    Not Included:
  • Machine Polishing – Upgrade to a Paint Correction service for swirl & scratch removal
  • Interior Stain Removal – Upgrade to the Signature Interior for hot water extraction & steam cleaning

Signature Interior – Starting at $350+

This extremely thorough service cleans & renews every crack, crevice & surface of your vehicles interior. We pull out all the stops creating that “new car feeling” again.

  • Fabrics blown out with compressed air, vacuumed, steam cleaned & hot water extracted
  • Dash / vents / door panels / cup holders / plastics / buttons / levers / consoles cleaned
  • Leather / vinyl surfaces cleaned & protected
  • Glass cleaned to streak free finish
  • Pet hair removed
  • Ozone treatment to remove harsh odors (if needed)
  • Headliner spot cleaned
    Add On Services
    • Feynlab Textile & Fabric Protectant – $100+
    • Feynlab Leather Protectant – $100+

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Services

Paint Correction is the craft of machine polishing automotive paint to remove swirls, scratches & various paint defects. This results in an incredibly deep, unobstructed high-gloss finish that will look great for years when protected with a Feynlab Ceramic Coating. Swirls & scratches are most commonly caused by automatic car washes & improper wash methods. Paint Correction can also remove oxidation, light chemical etch marks, factory sanding marks and medium to deep scratches.
Choose one of our 3 offerings from Feynlab Ceramic Coatings to compliment & protect your freshly corrected paint. Final pricing will be determined upon visual inspection of the vehicle. A non- refundable deposit is required to book. Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating packages range from $800-2500 depending on vehicle condition, level of Paint Correction desired and your choice of Feynlab Ceramic Lite 1 yr, Feynlab Ceramic 3 yr or Feynlab Self Heal Lite 5 yr.

Each Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating service starts with a very thorough, multi-step hand wash & decontamination process. Many times dealerships, body shops & volume detail shops use heavy glazes and fillers to temporarily hide paint defects, making your paint appear to be in better condition than it really is. We spend extra time during the preparation phase to ensure the paint and exterior of your vehicle are as clean as possible before the Paint Correction process begins.




Paint Correction Options

Gloss Enhancement Polish

  • Paint is lightly polished to intensify gloss
  • Removes up to 20% of light swirls and scratches

Stage 1 Paint Correction

  • Removes up to 50% of swirls & scratches
  • Drastically increased gloss & slickness
  • Ideal for brand new vehicles & daily drivers

Stage 2 Paint Correction

  • Removes up to 90% of swirls & scratches
  • Gloss, clarity & depth of paint drastically increased
  • Ideal for darker colored vehicles, enthusiasts & show cars
Add On Services:
  • Wheel Face Coating – $150+
  • Wheels Off Coating – $400+
  • Glass Coating – $150+